Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Tree Tutorial - 1:72

As Christmas is getting closer I was thinking to do a winter diorama. It's not the first attempt but having a Christmas tree with actually lights in it,....never did before.
So, let's get started....Using a paper stripe I've made a cone, trim it and glue it to a wooden stick (fig. 1,2,3). Next thing to do is to paint the cone with black (fig.4). Make sure you have no missing spots by putting a light source inside the cone like a led or something (fig. 5). I applied 5-6 layers until I covered all the missing spots. Next step was to put some super glue gel all over the cone and then with a homemade grass applicator I applied some grass (fig. 6). Now the meticulous part....drill some random small holes in the cone and glue optic fibers in each hole (fig.7). Tip: put some light in the cone so you can see where to glue the fiber. After this meticulous process trim the optic fiber to fit the tree contour. Spray some glue or in my case some lacquer and sprinkle green sawdust (homemade) over the tree in order to complete the texture (fig.8). With some imagination or having a reference in front of you decorate the tree as beautiful as it gets(fig.9). Test the tree lights (fig.10). Because this tree will be mounted outside the house I applied some snow effect on it...don't overdo it because you will cover the decorations...and no present for you from Santa:P.That's it, let the presents come :)......................aaaaand a short video with the lights on:

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