Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Skoll, the Protector

A new small diorama is on my workbench, Skoll the Protector. It's a resin model ordered from Cadwallon miniature online shop. They have very well detailed and beautiful designs.
For this diorama I wanted a waterfall setting with a lot of humidity. Once again I wanted to explore water effects so here I go again with references and all.
I have started with the base - wooden ring with a disk of 3 mm cardboard inside glued with white glue for wood:
Next I filled the empty space inside the ring with 1 cm foam board and then added the stone also made form high density foam. Other materials were dry roots and some dirt:

I painted all with black acrylic paint and spry paint with grey. For more details I added fine sawdust which was colored in green as moos and some small grass for the texture diversity: 

After the grey spray paint I wanted to add color for the stone, wooden branches, small stones on the bottom of the water, added a sepia wash (Vallejo), and dry brushing in the end:  

Note: the moss at this stage is just for the texture as first layer...more layers will be added later. 
A bit of flora brings life to the diorama, as in grass, more layers of moss and other small plants:
In the same time I've got the character painted as well:
Adding the water was a very slow process because of the layering. One by one the layers has to dry very well or else the water will became blurry white. I used "Still Water" from Vallejo. But besides that in the end looks good 
After that I worked on the water stream. As a base material I used curved plastic from a bottle.
Water effects were added later on to make it more realistic. This is the final result of the stream:

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