Monday, November 14, 2016

Vampire Hunter

This is an old project started back in 2012 and now I've decided it's time to finish it. Of course the usual start for any of my projects I draw some sketches and why not some detailed color renderings.

...pretty bloody, I dark side is showing...
Modelling the character was very challenging working with new materials such as Super Sculpey.

Because I like to place the miniatures in environments and because this is a vampire hunter I will start doing the base.....which is going to be a cemetery scene. Some quick sketches is required:

Now doing the tree...I used wire and paper tape in order to warp and create some "fat" shapes:

Next step I've packed it together and glued with PVA glue so I can shape it later in a tree:

Now moving forward I placed the tree on the base and because this will be a cemetery some bones and skulls will add an interesting detail:

Shaping the tree is a veeeery looong process....I used Milliput as material for filling the gaps. A more interesting detail will be the skeleton getting out from the grave:
My first tombstone ever created was fun to do. I will have to do 3 more and I will make step by step photos:
and another two
The tree needs a bit of texture so a cracking paint was the best approach:
I applied some texture for the ground too, grass(first layer, the old dried grass), gravel and sand...then all painted in black, a bit o grey on top and finally some brown shades. After that I've colored the tree and some dry brushing for the grass:
Update on my diorma...I've mounted the gravestones, some dry leafs and grass
more coming soon...

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