Friday, August 2, 2013

Tinkerbell house - WIP

Another project very important for me - Tinkerbell house diorama. I was happy to work on this project since is a fantasy theme. First concern was the teapot body and luckily I had this great idea of using a Christmas tree ornament (plastic type) because it has a perfect shape and finish - shiny and smooth as the ceramic. Then I've carefully carved the entrance of the house.

The other details were made by hand with "super sculpey" modeling clay. Once I've finished the main body I applied same paint:
For the moment I will let the house to rest and I will start doing the base of the diorama. I've used styrofoam to shape the terrain and a combination of wire, paper towel, paper tape and Das clay model to make a root branch.

The result looks something like this.
Next thing to do is to add more details ex.bark texture or tree fungus... 

Adding colors to bring the details to life...

For the moment I will stop creating the environment and start doing the characters in the scene: 
...with cart
...painter fairy
...carrier fairy
...painter fairy
...adding grass and flowers
..aaaand the finished result

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