Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oversized grass (for Tinkerbell diorama)

Facing the situation to create "zoomed in" grass turfs for my Tinkerbell diorama I come up with an idea - plastic bottles. Plastic bottles has all kind of reinforcements with different patterns in order to be straitened when you grab it (less plastic used this way and is cheaper to produce) ....I chose a bottle with strait patterns (fig.1).
Now making the grass blades, you may cut as many lengths as you want and the different from each other the better. In order to see better where to cut I've sprayed a bit of grey paint on the bottle.....that is why the grass blades are not transparent anymore (fig.2).
Next thing to do is to glue the blades in a turf; for that I've used Poxipol glue and a piece of paper. Before the glue is fully harden I let the grass blades to rest against some random objects just to hold it on the right angle. The result should look like fig.3.
The painting stage is easy. First some grey primer, then yellow acrylic paint (fig.4). The green was applied with oil paint just to have enough time to blend it with the yellow from the first layer and in the same time to get some grass texture. The turf is almost done.....cut the excess paper around the glue (fig.5) and it is ready to be applied on the scene, glue some sand to cover the space between the blades and paint it with some ground color just to fit the scenery (fig.6). For some extra touch I used a hairdryer to heat and bend the crest of the grass blade and more than that with some nail lacquer I added some dewdrops (fig.7). That's about it