Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Windshield Seal

Another challenge I signed in for is creating the windshield seal for a kit car model 1:32 scale. Here I will describe a method. First thing I copied the projection of the windshield contour by sticking a paper tape and tracing with a pencil (image 1).
Next thing I scanned the tape and then in photoshop, I draw the contour of the seal similar with the original car (internet references) and print it. This will serve me as a stencil. Middle of the windshield will help as a guide a bit later (image 2).
Over the print I applied a clear plastic tape to see through it and to have a shiny surface (image 2). Next layer over the clear tape I applied three layers of paper tape and then I traced the windshield seal with a pencil (image 3). Next step I did the trimming and because I used that first layer of plastic tape I was able to unstick the paper tape (now in the form of a windshield seal). With the help of the guide (that middle line) I've applied the seal stencil on the windshield (image 4). 
Now the hard part begins. Using a black sewing thread and still water by Vallejo as glue (because it dries transparent) I followed the stencil around (image 5 and 6) this step the thick three layer paper tape/stencil helps a lot . Same thing but this time with super glue I did with a thin wire (image 6).
Finally, another layer of black sewing thread will complete the windshield seal. Unstick the stencil (paper tape) from the windshield and DONE (image 7) can put the windshield seal after you spray paint the frame in the car color or after but this time with a brush.
I hope this helps as a starting point for other experiments.

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