Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Headlight glass texture

I've found myself using the "stock" headlights from the box and I was not satisfied with the look. Here are some pictures with the kit model from the internet.

I wanted more so I redone the entire headlight similar with the realistic one:
I've used a plastic bottle with concave/convex texture (circles) as base for the headlight shape (picture no.1). Now for the stripes on the glass I've used like 10 cutter blades in the same time to scratch the parallel lines (picture no.3 and 4). When you buy extra blades for the cutter it comes in a plastic box and a bit oily (special grease) in order to keep out the rust....aaand because of that the blades stays together (picture no.2). Almost done, to cut the rounded glass I've used a leather belt puncher, bought from a hobby store. The final result can be seen on the model (picture no.5)     

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